The Paramount Directing Initiative will select directing candidates for episodic network television and match them with directors of CBS Television Network and Studio drama and comedy series. The goal is to bridge the gap for those talented directors attempting to break into network television and create meaningful connections with producers and executives. This program is looking for candidates that: Demonstrate a visual perspective in telling a story. Are able to execute the best possible performances while capturing the artistic thematic nature of a show. Are able to maximize every potential opportunity in enhancing the viewing experience.

This strategic observation process will afford aspiring television directors invaluable first hand exposure to the CBS Television network episodic directing process. In addition to getting a chance to observe the in-depth technical aspects of the process, this observation experience allows participants to begin to form relationships with showrunners, producers, network executives and other significant decision makers. The Directing Initiative is not employment and in no way guarantees future employment. It is instead, a program of personal exposure to the process of television directing and career development. The goal of the Directing Initiative is to prepare directors for potential employment opportunities in television. The primary focus of the Paramount Office of Global Inclusion and the Directing Initiative is to provide access and opportunities for talented and motivated diverse directors with a focus on directors of color.

2022-2023 Directing Initiative Applications are open April 1st 12:01 AM PST – May 1st 11:59 PM PST

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Applications must be received April 1st 2022 and May 1st 2022. Applicants must currently be a DGA member. Applicants must be 21 years or older. At least 3 samples of completed narrative content directed in the last 3 years (all 3 samples must be at one link). Credit list and/or resume. Accepted participants will be notified in September 2022. The program will run the length of an entire 2022 – 2023 season.


Please complete the Application Form on the link. Be sure to include e-mail contact information, as this is necessary for any further communication from Paramount. Please do not telephone Paramount. No phone calls regarding the Paramount Directing Initiative will be accepted.


RESUME OR BIO - Please include an up-to-date work resume or bio.


LETTER OF INTEREST - Your letter should be addressed to the Paramount Directing Initiative, and will be used to evaluate your personal qualifications for participation in the program. Please tell us why you should be selected as a part of the Paramount Directing Initiative and what specific talents and traits you have to offer as a director on a television show.


SUBMISSION RELEASE FORM - Please agree to the terms and conditions within the application otherwise your submission will not be processed.