Automated Employment Decision Tools (AEDTs)

Automated Employment Decision Tools (AEDTs) 

Required disclosures on Automated Employment Decision Tools (AEDTs) for applicants to roles located within New York City 

Last Updated: June 28, 2023 

As a component of the hiring process for certain roles, applicants may be asked to complete the pymetrics assessment. 

The pymetrics assessment is designed to measure a series of cognitive, social, and emotional soft skills. The characteristics measured include Attention (i.e., an individual’s approach to managing incoming information and distractions), Decision-Making (i.e., an individual’s approach to making decisions in terms of time spent and/or amount of planning involved), Effort (i.e., an individual’s tendencies around effort expenditure given the size of the reward and the probability of success), Emotion (i.e., an individual’s strategies for interpreting others’ emotions), Fairness (i.e., an individual’s tendencies around perceptions of fairness in social situations), Focus (i.e., an individual’s tendency toward focused concentration versus multi-tasking), Generosity (i.e., an individual’s tendencies toward altruism versus resource conservation), Learning (i.e., an individual’s tendencies to adapt behavior based on new information), and Risk Tolerance (i.e., an individual’s comfort level with risk). 

The pymetrics assessment is administered as a series of behavioral exercises, which are sometimes referred to as “games.” As a candidate works through the exercises, which can be completed on a computer or mobile device, the platform collects real-time data about how they perform each activity. There are no “right” or “wrong” ways of performing the exercises. In total, the assessment takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. 

In compliance with NYC Local Law 144 regarding Automated Employment Decision Tools (AEDTs), a copy of the latest bias audit may be reviewed here: 


Pymetrics collects gameplay data (i.e., the real-time user interaction measures collected as the exercises are being completed) to conduct the assessment. Applicants may also be asked to complete a voluntary survey of demographic identity questions, but responses to these questions are not a required component of the pymetrics assessment. In general, pymetrics will retain candidate data for as long as processing is necessary. Pymetrics will use applicant data in accordance with the pymetrics privacy policy and applicants should familiarize themselves with pymetrics’ privacy practices. To exercise any applicable privacy rights in connection with the pymetrics assessment, such as requests to have pymetrics assessment data deleted from pymetrics, contact

Regarding disability-related accommodations, certain accommodations for the pymetrics assessment can be accessed directly within the platform. Prior to beginning the pymetrics assessment, applicants will be prompted to self-identify as requiring accommodations for colorblindness, ADD/ADHD, and/or dyslexia. An accommodated version of the pymetrics assessment will be administered immediately. To request a reasonable accommodation to the hiring process for other disabilities, applicants should contact Paramount at 212.846.5500 or