Paramount+ Launch Paramount+ Launch

June 13, 2022
By Kelby Clark

Paramount and General Motors collaborate on a campaign to celebrate new beginnings.

General Motors wanted to invite “Everybody In” to the all-electric future with content that would build brand awareness. The message of discovery and innovation was familiar to Paramount, which was developing a campaign to tout its new streaming service. The solution: a joint commercial for both Paramount+ and GM, powered by Paramount’s well-known content.

Paramount’s in-house creative team, Velocity, tapped into Paramount’s “Mountain of Entertainment” marketing campaign around the launch of Paramount+ for 15-second and 30-second spots, highlighting the content available on Paramount+, while also highlighting GM’s Ultium EV Platform. It was the first time Paramount partnered with a client to co-brand a commercial.

“With GM on the cutting edge of future automotive technologies and Paramount at the forefront of streaming, few partnerships are more powerful than this,” says Justin Ciliento, director of digital sales at Paramount. “The launch of Paramount+ allowed us to leverage the full power of the Paramount portfolio at a time when more consumers are considering electric vehicles, So all the pieces really came together perfectly for this campaign.”

“Consumers Who Will Power the Future”

The launch of General Motor’s game-changing electric vehicle platform will power an expanding lineup of EVs for every person and every purpose, and GM sought a partner that could reach all demographics—that’s where Paramount+ came in.

GM leveraged Paramount’s massive content slate at scale to reach a shared audience. GM was also able to reach consumers of all ages and demos due to Paramount's diverse range of content—including news, sports, and iconic franchises.

Over two months, the joint campaign ran across linear TV and digital, including Paramount’s brands, as well as third-party networks: ESPN, CNN, and Bravo. GM was able to access digital inventory with EyeQ, which gives advertisers access to 80M+ full episode, monthly unique viewers.

The campaign led to a 9 percentage point lift in ad awareness, and impressions overperformed by 156%.

“A partnership with Paramount means access to premium audiences around the world,” says Ciliento. “These consumers will power the future of entertainment and the automotive revolution.”