The Technology team is an integral of Paramount’s ability to bring people together through the power of content—expanding its value, impact, and emotion for our partners, and deepening connections with our audiences.

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We help others excel in software development by fostering an environment of shared ideas and expertise. Through practices like pair programming, code reviews, and cross-functional teams, our developers collectively elevate performance.

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Redefining Boundaries


Our mission is to empower Paramount to bring engaging storytelling to the world through innovation and best-in-class technology and operations.

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Innovation thrives within the Paramount technology teams, where a diverse array of roles powers the technological backbone of our entire organization. From captivating entertainment experiences on Paramount+ and PlutoTV to delivering breaking news for CBS News and Sports while creating laughter on Comedy Central, our technologists are the driving force behind our iconic brands, ensuring our content reaches viewers worldwide. 

Whether you're shaping the future of mobile engineering, safeguarding our data integrity, or pioneering advancements in artificial intelligence, your contributions resonate across every facet of Paramount's entertainment ecosystem


Software Engineering

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data Science / Data Engineering / Data Analytics

Product Design

Product Management

Program / Project Management

Technical Operations


explore the possibilities
explore the possibilities