How can I get tickets to see a taping of a television show?

To get tickets to your favorite TV shows please visit


I'm interested in working for Paramount Pictures. Where do I send my resume?

Please visit our Careers Site to see what positions are available.


Can you help me gather information for a research project?

We're terribly sorry, but we cannot provide help for any specific projects. There are books about Paramount Pictures at the local library that should be of help.


I would like to use film clips or still photos from a Paramount movie. Who can I contact?

For clip licensing and still photo requests please email


I would like to have a public screening of one of Paramount's films. Can I have your permission?

For public screenings of our films please call (323) 956-5000 and ask for the Repertory/Non Theatrical Dept.


Can I have my party at Paramount Pictures?

For information on hosting your special event at the Paramount Pictures Studio please visit our Special Events site.


I have an idea for a movie or I have a script I want you to buy - where do I send it?

Sorry, but we do not accept unsolicited script or story submissions. Submissions sent via postal or email will be destroyed without being read.


I'd like to be in a movie - how can I get a part?

Sorry, but the studio does not directly audition and hire actors. Please visit your local library or bookstore for information on how to become an actor and audition for roles.


I'm having issues with a DVD I purchased or have questions about a Home Entertainment Release. Who can I contact?

To report a problem you can e-mail us at