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With Paramount’s powerful portfolio of iconic brands, premium content and legacy of creative innovation, Paramount Advertising develops strategic and collaborative solutions that connect our partners to our diverse, passionate fan base. Our leadership in advanced advertising, creative marketing expertise, audience insights and scale across all platforms paired with our capabilities in performance marketing and shoppability allow us to provide reach, attribution and transactional simplicity, while optimizing an advertiser’s audience across the depth and breadth of Paramount's portfolio.

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As audiences continue to fragment, we have built a high-quality, brand-safe convergent ecosystem with countless measurable opportunities for you to target the right audience with your marketing message. We are taking the awareness we’ve built from this massive streaming footprint and connecting it to performance, unlocking the power of retail data to make our expansive content shoppable, measurable and targetable.
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We are, and have always been, industry leaders in advanced advertising with Vantage, and are at the forefront of championing a multi-currency marketplace. We are also expanding our efforts to redefine performance media.
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With custom content, integrations and more, our Paramount Brand Studio team develops creative solutions that seamlessly put your brands into the context of our programming and make you a part of the cultural conversation. Additionally, the CBS Sports Creator Studio connects advertisers with influencers who will develop custom content and provide behind-the-scenes access to CBS Sports events or programs.
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Our Audience Impact and Intelligence team is a specialized group of strategists and researchers who power our advertising partners with audience-forward, culturally fluent insights for the ever-changing media ecosystem. They possess a deep understanding of who, how, and where people are watching, and leverage their expertise and access to data and tools to provide profound insights into your clients, categories and audiences.

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