The Birthday Party Project

The Birthday Party Project


The Birthday Party Project's Mission is to bring JOY to homeless children through the MAGIC of Birthdays.

T.B.P.P. officially kicked off just over five and a half years ago, and the organization has already grown to twelve cities across the US, and has celebrated more than 4,500 birthdays with the help of volunteer birthday enthusiast for over 30,000 children. That's more than 40,000 cupcakes, and 900 renditions of Happy Birthday, and all worth it for the countless smiles you get to see on the faces of the children & parents alike! On Tuesday, August 15, 6 pm - 8 pm nearly 20 Paramount Birthday Enthusiast helped throw one of their most successful birthday parties ever.  It was an Art Party theme where all the children who live at this PATH facility were invited to come celebrate the birthdays of four of their residents: Edgar, Irma, Aiyana, & Ever, whose ages ranged from 1 – 14.  We had four different art projects: canvas painting, beaded jewelry, decorating picture frames, and designing your own pillowcase. It's truly a joy to see these kids' faces light up when they are exposed to new experiences for the first time. I wouldn't even be surprised if a future artist doesn't emerge from that group of kids, as every one of them created something new, and uniquely theirs whether they stayed "within the lines" or went "outside the box" as they say.


All the children, and quite a few Paramount Birthday Enthusiast themselves enjoyed making these art projects. I know I wore my new beaded bracelet home with pride. In addition to the art party, set up, and & clean up, we served pizza & cupcakes, gave the parents a nice little respite, passed out fabulous birthday presents, and helped make some new happy memories for these children, and families in need; all thanks to volunteers within our Paramount Community.  As we all live such busy lives it's easy to forget that not every child has a home, but we should all remember that every child has a birthday, and this was a very uplifting way to spend an early Tuesday evening.  It's obvious why this company has grown so quickly when the results are instantaneous; seeing all the smiling faces is infectious. I completely agree with the sentiments on their T-shirts…

Eat, Sleep, Party…Repeat!        Eat, Sleep, Party…Repeat!       Eat, Sleep, Party…Repeat!

Thank you all so very much who participated and we look forward to working together with you all on future projects! - Don't forget to share your memories, and posts on social media:  @thebirthdaypartyproject, Twitter - @bdayenthusiast #joychangeslives