Everybody Loves Marie During TV Land's 'Everybody Loves Raymond' Mother's Day Marathon on May 8

May 03, 2010
By ViacomCBS Staff

Flowers, cards, hugs...and Marie?! TV Land celebrates Mother's Day on Saturday, May 8th from 8:00PM to 12:00AM ET/PT with a marathon of "Everybody Loves Raymond" featuring hand-picked episodes saluting Marie Barone -- TV's beloved mother and mother-in-law. Tune in as the loveable yet overbearing Marie takes over the bridal shower that Debra throws for best friend and future sister-in-law Amy, gives Debra the silent treatment and discovers that the family threw out her special chicken cacciatore and ordered out Chinese food instead in this marathon that will make viewers glad they won't have to answer to Mrs. Marie Barone this Mother's Day! "Everybody Loves Raymond" can be seen weeknights at 9:00PM ET/PT on TV Land.

The "Everybody Loves Raymond" Mother's Day marathon schedule is as follows (all times listed are ET/PT):

Saturday, May 8, 2010

8:00PM - Episode #37 "Marie's Meatballs"

When Raymond chooses his mother's spaghetti and meatballs over his wife's lemon chicken, Debra gets upset so with good intentions, Ray asks his mom to give Debra cooking lessons. Although Marie and Debra have fun in the kitchen, the meatballs lead Marie to believe that it's only her cooking that keeps Ray coming by.

8:30PM - Episode #57 "No Fat"

Since Debra's parents will be out of the country on Thanksgiving Day -- in Turkey -- Debra, Ray and the kids make plans to spend the holiday at Frank and Marie's house. But their dreams of turkey with sausage, stuffing and yams with marshmallows on top are quickly shattered by Marie's new heart-healthy diet. After she gets her hands on "101 Healthy Things To Do in the Kitchen," life as the Barones have known it seems to be over.

9:00PM - Episode #143 "Call me Mom"

When Ray finally feels comfortable enough to call Debra's mother "mom," he wants Debra to reciprocate and start calling Marie "mom". After initially giving Ray a hard time about it, Debra rises to the challenge and heads across the street to try out her new "motherly" salutation on Marie. When Debra finally gets the words out, she is completely stunned at Marie's reaction.

9:30PM - Episode #144 "Mother's Day, Part 1"

Debra takes offense when Marie accuses her of being rude and the two wind up fighting and not speaking to each other. When Ray tries to make things better by getting each of the women to apologize to the other, he only makes a bad situation worse. Then, the unthinkable happens (at least to Ray) - Debra decides she likes it when Marie doesn't speak to her and she intends to keep it that way.

10:00PM - Episode #145 "The Bigger Person, Part 2"

Now that Debra and Ray's mother Marie aren't speaking to each other, Debra goes out of her way to ensure that Ray doesn't spend time with his mother by waiting on him hand and foot so he prefers to stay close to home. When Ray realizes that he can benefit by exploiting this situation, he actually starts to like the fact that the two women aren't speaking. However, when Robert catches on to Ray's mischievous plan, he knows he must intercede and try to repair the now severely damaged relationship between Debra and Marie because Ray certainly isn't helping.

10:30PM - Episode #169 "The Shower"

Debra gives a bridal shower for best friend Amy, but her good intentions are sidetracked by Marie's overzealous participation. When Marie attempts to "take over" Amy's wedding shower, Debra gets upset and yells at her, prompting Marie to leave in a huff. Returning to the party festivities, Debra starts drinking a little too much champagne and winds up being too tipsy to drive. When she can't reach Ray on the phone, Debra decides to take a nap in her car with the keys in the ignition and is awakened by a police officer, who arrests her for drunk driving. When her license is suspended, Debra finds herself in a precarious situation when she's forced to rely on Marie for help.

11:00PM - Episode #175 "Thank You Notes"

When Amy becomes annoyed that Marie is already asking when she's going to send out her thank you notes from the wedding, Debra seizes the opportunity to convince her friend to join forces against her mother in-law's reign of aggravation. Thrilled that she finally has an ally who can stand up with her against Marie, Debra's plan is destined for failure when Ray and Robert beg her to make nice with their mother.

11:30PM - Episode #180 "Liars"

When Ray lies to his mother to get out of spending the evening with her, the lie grows when Debra and the twins cover for him. Then, Robert tries to spill the beans and even more lies are told. However, when Ray and Debra start lying to each other, they wind up having a huge fight about it in front of the family, until Marie amazingly breaks down their intricate deception.

The winner of 15 Emmy® Awards, "Everybody Loves Raymond" ran in primetime on CBS for eight seasons. The premise was born out of Ray Romano's own life experiences of raising his children along with his wife, all while his parents and brother lived close by. In "Everybody Loves Raymond," Romano plays Ray Barone, father of three and a sports writer for a local newspaper. Patricia Heaton plays his wife, Debra, who endures her husband's overbearing parents played brilliantly by Doris Roberts and the late Peter Boyle. As in real life, Ray's brother Robert, played by Brad Garrett, is a policeman who lives with his parents.

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