The 1920's

The 1920's

The 1st ACADEMY AWARDS: 1927/28


  • UNIQUE AND ARTISTIC PICTURE -- Paramount Famous Lasky

The Last Command

  • WRITING (Original Story) -- Lajos Biro 
  • Winner: ACTOR -- Emil Jannings {"General Dolgorucki [Grand Duke Sergius Alexander]"}

The Racket

  • OUTSTANDING PICTURE -- The Caddo Company


  • DIRECTING (Comedy Picture) -- Ted Wilde

The Way of All Flesh

  • ACTOR -- Emil Jannings {"August Schilling"}


  • Winner: WRITING (Original Story) -- Ben Hecht


  • Winner: ENGINEERING EFFECTS -- Roy Pomeroy
  • Winner: OUTSTANDING PICTURE --Paramount Famous Lasky



The 2nd ACADEMY AWARDS: 1928/29

The Letter

  • ACTRESS -- Jeanne Eagels {"Leslie Crosbie"}

The Patriot

  • ACTOR -- Lewis Stone {"Count Pahlen"}
  • ART DIRECTION -- Hans Dreier DIRECTING -- Ernst Lubitsch
  • OUTSTANDING PICTURE -- Paramount Famous Lasky
  • Winner: WRITING -- Hans Kraly


  • ACTOR -- George Bancroft {"Thunderbolt Jim Lang"}

NOTE: THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL NOMINATIONS. There were no announcements of nominations, no certificates of nomination or honorable mention, and only the winners were revealed during the awards banquet on April 3, 1930. Though not official nominations, the additional names in each category, according to in-house records, were under consideration by the various boards of judges.



The 3rd ACADEMY AWARDS: 1929/30

The Big Pond

  • ACTOR -- Maurice Chevalier {"Pierre Mirande"};

The Devil's Holiday

  • ACTRESS -- Nancy Carroll {"Hallie Hobart"}

The Love Parade

  • ACTOR -- Maurice Chevalier {"Count Alfred Renard"}
  • ART DIRECTION -- Hans Dreier
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY -- Victor Milner
  • DIRECTING -- Ernst Lubitsch
  • OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION -- Paramount Famous Lasky
  • SOUND RECORDING -- Paramount Famous Lasky Studio Sound Department, Franklin Hansen, Sound Director

Sarah and Son

  • ACTRESS -- Ruth Chatterton {"Sarah Storm"}

Street of Chance

  • WRITING -- Howard Estabrook

The Vagabond King

  • ART DIRECTION -- Hans Dreier

With Byrd at the South Pole

  • Winner: CINEMATOGRAPHY -- Joseph T. Rucker, Willard Van Der Veer

NOTE: For the third Academy Awards no certificates of nomination were given out in this category, only the titles of the nominated films and their companies were listed. When the winners were revealed, only the names of the individuals involved with the winning achievements were announced. The name(s) of those credited with this achievement are indicated here in parens.