DECEMBER 1, 2022
By Nicole Bitette

Photos by David Williams, Andre Buno, Alvin Valentierra, and Michele Crowe

“In a year full of milestones, coming together as Paramount Global stands out as one of the most pivotal moments for our company.”

In 2022, we became Paramount Global and together, reached milestones in streaming, broadcast, DE&I, and much more.

“In a year full of milestones, coming together as Paramount Global stands out as one of the most pivotal moments for our company. Since unveiling our new name, we’ve shown what defines the Paramount brand: beloved entertainment, important stories and popular platforms,” says President and CEO of Paramount Global, Bob Bakish. “Looking ahead, I’m so excited for us to build on our global momentum and unleash the full power of Paramount for diverse audiences everywhere.”

We polled leaders across the organization to find out their defining moments of 2022. Here is what they are most proud of from the past year and what they're looking forward to in 2023:

"Looking ahead, I’m so excited for us to build on our global momentum and unleash the full power of Paramount for diverse audiences everywhere."

Bob Bakish, President and CEO of Paramount Global

"The team has done an amazing job building a brand and streaming service, and being the fastest-growing service."

Marco Nobili, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Paramount Streaming

In 2023, I'm looking forward to leaning into and executing against our ethos that Inclusion is Paramount and Inclusion IS PARAMOUNT.

Marva Smalls EVP, Global Head of Inclusion & EVP, Public Affairs, Kids & Family Entertainment Brands, Paramount

"Even in tough times, CSR, DE&I and, ESG are really strong differentiators for our organization."

Crystal Barnes, SVP Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG, Paramount Global

We unleashed our full creative capabilities across both Paramount’s theatrical landscape and Nickelodeon’s ecosystem this year, and we achieved a truly record-breaking 2022. Looking ahead to next year, we can’t wait to exceed expectations again and reach even greater heights together."

Brian Robbins, President & Chief Executive Officer of Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon, and Chief Content Officer, Movies and Kids & Family, Paramount+

"We really needed the whole company to operate as one. I couldn't be prouder to see how people have come together."

Naveen Chopra, CFO of Paramount Global

"I am grateful to our teams in front of and behind the camera who have embraced inclusion and innovation as our core values, leading to the historical data-driven growth of our streaming channels and the on-going transformation of our workplaces."

Wendy McMahon, President and Co-Head of CBS News and Stations

I look forward to continue having the privilege of working with the most creative, thoughtful and passionate people - make culture defining hits that drive our businesses to new heights, yet again and, do some good along the way."

Chris McCarthy, President/CEO, Paramount Media Networks & MTV Entertainment Studios

"We're also proud of how we re-imagined CBS Mornings to put us in our most competitive position in history and re-launched streaming to bring our iconic franchises - and new programs - to the next generation of viewers through all of our platforms. We’re looking forward to continuing this momentum in 2023."

Neeraj Khemlani, President and Co-Head of CBS News and Stations

Next year, I am looking forward to deploying the full capabilities of the expanded BET ecosystem to super-serve our community and drive the continued growth of our brands and platforms."

Scott Mills, CEO of BET

"I'm just in awe of the actors we're working with and that we are able to lock this caliber of talent down."

Keith Cox, President of Scripted for MTV Entertainment Studios

"We've been able to grow the business at every level. People are putting their best foot forward, showing up, delivering, and supporting and trusting us. I am really proud of that."

Katherine Liu, EVP and COO, Paramount International Markets

I’m thrilled that Pluto TV is now in 35 markets globally and Paramount+ in 45. This group has successfully solidified Paramount Streaming as a formidable industry leader this year and I am excited to take that momentum forward into 2023."

Tom Ryan, President and CEO, Paramount Streaming

"The passion and enthusiasm of our incredibly talented teams has truly become a source of inspiration as we continue into 2023."

Pam Kaufman, President and CEO of International Markets, Global Consumer Products & Experiences

The scope of the deliverables we achieved in 2022 was tremendous, and I couldn’t be prouder to embark on another year of successful distribution renewals alongside this incredibly dedicated and hardworking team."

Ray Hopkins, President of U.S. Networks Distribution, Paramount

"We have unified our teams and our go-to-market to leverage Paramount’s massive reach across broadcast, cable, and streaming. We are making the complex simple."

John Halley, President, Paramount Advertising