Mar 22, 2021

ViacomCBS EyeQ gives advertisers one simple solution to reach a unified, cross-product digital video ecosystem, plus custom creative campaigns and unique integrations across social.

ViacomCBS has one of the biggest content offerings in media today. With content spanning every demographic and genre, the company’s combined portfolio reaches consumers of all ages, from preschoolers to those over 65—and everyone in between.

Now, advertisers have one simple, effective solution to connect their brands with these consumers at scale. EyeQ is ViacomCBS’ integrated suite of streaming and creative ad solutions, helping buyers reach audiences through premium, brand-safe digital video, with significant incremental reach to linear, as well as creative, and social.

“Viewing behavior is changing,” says John Halley, COO, advertising revenue & EVP, advanced marketing solutions, ViacomCBS. “EyeQ provides advertisers the opportunity to capitalize on the consumer migration to streaming. It’s a bridge to reach audiences that have become difficult to access through linear investments, who are watching less of the traditional platform and spending more time with OTT delivered video or social platforms.”

With 70M+ full episode monthly unique viewers, ViacomCBS EyeQ’s scale rivals that of any offering of its type in the market, according to Halley.

Qualifying EyeQ’s audience around full episode viewing is an important part of the EyeQ story. Halley says: “These are higher engaged viewers more attuned to absorbing a crisply articulated marketing message.”

“Premium advertising supply is actually quite constrained. Typically, you see quality without scale, or scale without quality,” says Halley. “Consumer engagement is a scarce resource. And that is what ViacomCBS EyeQ delivers at scale for advertisers trying to generate brand awareness.”

Here’s a breakdown:


ViacomCBS EyeQ Video is the anchor of ViacomCBS EyeQ, a connected ecosystem of our digital video offerings across all distribution outlets at all price points and across our leading brands and platforms, including Paramount+, Pluto, CBS, CBSN, CBS Sports HQ, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Nick, VH1, Paramount Network and ET Live. One access point for advertising partners to ViacomCBS’ 70M+ monthly full-episode viewers.


ViacomCBS EyeQ Creative provides advertising partners with branded programming, influence, and live events. This combination of capabilities breaks the constraints of standard ad placements.


ViacomCBS EyeQ Social combines TV favorites, youth-focused originals, and share-worthy content to our partners across social.

Averaging 137 million monthly unique viewers on Facebook and YouTube alone, ViacomCBS reaches half of all Americans across leading social platforms. The company also regularly ranks first among media companies in key metrics including subscribers (1.9 billion), monthly views (7.9 billion), and monthly engagements (201 million).

Reaching audiences where they are

Through ViacomCBS EyeQ Video, brands can reach those 70M+ monthly full-episode viewers through a combination of free and pay outlets, including Paramount+, Pluto TV, other ViacomCBS brand apps, and OTT delivered partner apps.

Compared to linear, the ViacomCBS digital audience is younger and more upscale. And ViacomCBS EyeQ Video offers marketers an audience they can’t reach through traditional TV—with 45% of its audience made up of cord-cutters and cord-nevers, with 36% incremental reach to linear in the key 18-49 demo.

“When marketers buy EyeQ, we deliver eyeballs that are hard to find anywhere else," says David Lawenda, EVP of digital sales and strategy at ViacomCBS.

ViacomCBS EyeQ Video offers brands access to all ViacomCBS content, and to the biggest events and moments in media, like the Grammys, March Madness, the Kids Choice Awards, VidCon, the VMAs, the BET Awards, and countless others.

ViacomCBS’ brand-safe environment, the quality of its content, and the fact it is most commonly viewed on TV glass is what gives brands an advantage when buying ViacomCBS EyeQ, according to Halley.

“ViacomCBS’ quality and reach is what sets it apart in the marketplace,” says Halley. “We have a diversity of content that is unmatched—that includes sports, news, tentpoles, and the broadest scope of entertainment.”


A commitment to transparency

All of ViacomCBS EyeQ—Video, Creative, and Social—and linear assets, including broadcast dayparts and cable networks, is represented in a reporting dashboard called ViacomCBS InView.

InView provides a holistic picture of a client’s portfolio of marketing investments across ViacomCBS. According to Halley, no other company is providing the same level of transparency across such a broad assortment of assets. With InView, advertisers can look at multiple campaigns, aggregate campaigns, and better understand what’s working, and make changes accordingly.

“We are committed to transparency. Transparency is a big advantage for ViacomCBS EyeQ,” says Lawenda. “Especially relative to some of the other platforms that contractually can't provide the granularity that advertisers want around where their campaigns are running.”

“There's a lot of flexibility in the tool,” adds Halley. “We think it's going to be a game changer, not just because of the access to information, but also because we are helping agencies with workflow. We are making ViacomCBS easier to work with.”


Leveraging creative and social

Major advertisers have already taken advantage of the scale and breadth of ViacomCBS EyeQ Video since it first became available in Fall 2020, following the 2020 ViacomCBS upfront. Several have also realized the benefits of ViacomCBS EyeQ Creative and Social.

Dr Pepper recently executed a ViacomCBS EyeQ Creative campaign with branded programming tied to MTV’s The Challenge that ran as :30s through ViacomCBS EyeQ Video distribution. The partnership was part of The Challenge: Reunion and utilized the power of the reality series’ fandom by tapping into MTV talent to promote the special, mentioning Dr Pepper throughout three custom spots across ViacomCBS Video.

There were also a series of social posts and exclusive reunion clips and tease-worthy moments, all sponsored by the brand.


Looking ahead

ViacomCBS EyeQ is flexible with respect to the agency’s activation preference, whether that’s direct, programmatic guaranteed, or private marketplace. Agencies continue to expand their investments into programmatic, which allows them to target customized audience segments within automated transactional models.

More than 80% of ViacomCBS digital video is watched on the television glass. Less than 20% is consumed on a mobile device, desktop, or laptop, Lawenda explains.

“This audience is watching long form video on TV. And long form advertising wrapped by long form content viewed on the big screen is the gold standard of awareness marketing,” says Lawenda.

“That's as good as it gets to drive brand awareness, which is what most television advertisers today are looking for,” he says. “It’s all premium content that is 100% brand-safe. We frequency-manage, we're efficient, and we offer clients total flexibility in terms of how they want to buy us.”


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