Oct 01, 2019

Executives and talent from Paramount Pictures, MTV, and Nickelodeon reveal the moments that propelled their projects.

In the panels, workshops, and conversations held for employees during Viacom’s Inclusion Week, the executives and talent behind some of the company’s biggest hits were honest about the biases and institutionalized obstacles they’ve encountered in their personal and professional lives. They also offered advice on how individuals can assert themselves and empathize with those who come from different backgrounds and cultures.

“Inclusion Week gives us an opportunity to showcase programming that creates ‘aha’ moments and that stretches the thinking of employees, that gets them more grounded in the issues du jour,” says Viacom Executive Vice President of Global Inclusion Strategy Marva Smalls. “It's also a reminder that you can't just have diversity, you also have to have inclusion, and ultimately Inclusion Week will help to further cement the sense of belonging we hope that employees have here at Viacom.”

Here is a look at some of the week’s most resonant lessons:



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