May 09, 2019

Viewers say ads on the free streaming service are memorable and enjoyable.

The best ads are the ads that viewers like to watch. It turns out, according to new data from Viacom's Global Consumer Insights (GCI), the ads on Pluto TV fall into this category.

In a survey of AVOD users earlier this year, participants were asked to rate the advertising experience on leading AVOD platforms. Respondents said they found the Pluto TV ads to be the most enjoyable, memorable, and relevant compared to other AVOD distribution platforms.

“Audiences aren’t averse to ads, they’re averse to irrelevant ads. Showing people ads that talk to their needs and wants...means they’ll like the ads more,” Bryson Gordon, Viacom executive vice president of advanced advertising, told Variety. “It also means a better ROI for advertisers.”

Of course, that ROI is even more alluring as more consumers embrace streaming television and shed traditional cable bundles. Within that context, AVOD offers an opportunity to reach cord-cutters and cord-nevers with premium advertising.

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