Jul 03, 2019

The lovable sponge is a global cultural phenomenon with few peers.

July 2019 marks 20 years of SpongeBob SquarePants’ on-air antics. Like Nickelodeon itself, the iconic yellow sponge long ago outgrew the boundaries of his televised domain, spinning off more than $13 billion worth of merchandise, two (soon to be three)  motion pictures, and a Tony Award-winning Broadway show. He’s a meme-generating machine, an inspiration for hip hop lyrics, and so much more.

Just how strong is SpongeBob’s global influence? Viacom’s Global Consumer Insights team found that many individuals are more likely to know Mr. SquarePant’s address than that of their country’s leaders. Ninety percent of kids age 7-11 correctly identified “a pineapple under the sea” as SpongeBob’s address, while only 35% knew that the U.S. president lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Similarly, 86% of adults 18-30 correctly identified SpongeBob’s address, while only 31% knew that of the White House. Let’s hope the mail carrier is among the 31%.

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