News and Social Media

News and Social Media

ParamountPics: RT @MSNMovies: MSN Movies #Exclusive clip from #StarTrekIntoDarkness! Have you seen the movie yet?

ParamountPics: RT @transformers: Bumblebee re-envisioned in the form of a highly modified, vintage 1967 Camaro!

The official World War Z game is here!

ParamountPics: RT @WorldWarZMovie: Watch a brand new clip from #WorldWarZ and download the official game on your iOS device now!| h…

ParamountPics: RT @WorldWarZMovie: Brad Pitt faces a daunting task in this exclusive first look at #WorldWarZ! RT

ParamountPics: RT @YahooMovies: Exclusive 1st #WorldWarZ clip finds Brad Pitt making tough choices in the wake of a global zombie outbreak:

ParamountPics: RT @WorldWarZMovie: Play to survive in the new #WorldWarZ mobile & tablet game! Watch an exclusive demo & download it tomorrow!

Optimus Prime is back! Check out the exclusive photos from the set of Transformers 4!

ParamountPics: RT @YahooMovies: Roll out! Take a look at the completely upgraded #OptimusPrime in an exclusive photo from the set of #Transformers4: http:…