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News and Social Media

ParamountPics: RT @StarTrekMovie: #StarTrek crew join @NASA austronauts from the Intl. Space Station in a live G+ Hangout NOW! Watch:

Experience a LIVE Google Hangout from space!!

ParamountPics: RT @StarTrekMovie: Join JJ Abrams & #StarTrek cast in a LIVE G+ Hangout with @NASA astronauts! Tune-in at 9am PT | 12pm ET

ParamountPics: RT @NASA: Epic G+ Hangout live with space station & @StarTrekMovie at noon ET Thursday. Use #askNASA to participate.

Check out the new World War Z game trailer & download it for iOS and Android May 30th!

ParamountPics: RT @WorldWarZMovie: Watch the exclusive #WorldWarZ gameplay trailer, available on iOS and Android May 30th! | http:…

ParamountPics: RT @RottenTomatoes: Star Trek Into Darkness is currently #Fresh at 89%, with 65 reviews.

ParamountPics: RT @IMAX: Check out the latest IMAX Behind the Frame for Star Trek Into Darkness on @iTunesTrailers! (click on featurette)

ParamountPics: RT @WorldWarZMovie: They're coming, #HowWillYouSurvive? #WorldWarZ

World War Z is coming. How will you survive?