ParamountPics: Look who joined Paramount's Adam Goodman in congratulating the hardworking volunteers of #VDay2013! @ArnettWill

ParamountPics: RT @StarTrekMovie: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" -Spock

FIRST LOOK clip from Star Trek Into Darkness:

ParamountPics: A twist on the traditional Wet T-Shirt contest has the house buzzing in a new episode of #BurningDownTheHouse! Watch:

ParamountPics: RT @RebelWilson: Looking forward to the Los Angeles premiere of PAIN & GAIN tomorrow at the Chinese Theatre (comes out later this month…

ParamountPics: RT @PainGainMovie: "If you're willing to do the work, you can have anything." -Daniel Lugo. #PainAndGain

ParamountPics: RT @jonmchu: #GIJoeRetaliation just passed 320 MILLION dollars worldwide!!! Thank u to all the Joe fans around the world!!! This is unbelie…

ParamountPics: RT @PainGainMovie: Get a brand new look at #PainAndGain with this exclusive clip starring @Mark_Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie!!

ParamountPics: Hey #BurningLove fans, we've been nominated for a Webby! Cast your VOTE to help us win for best writing! #Webbys

ParamountPics: #VDay2013 in full swing at Larchmont MS w/@jenCoolidge! RT

ParamountPics: RT @drafthouse: NEWS: Michael Bay to be inducted into our TOUGH GUY HALL OF FAME at BAYMAGEDDON!! via @THR