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Introducing the new Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa movie poster! #October25th @JackassWorld |

By the beard of Zeus, fill in the blank! #Anchorman2

“One thing is for sure, ____________.”

Caption this image of @RonBurgundy and #VeronicaCorningstone from #Anchorman2!

Caption this image of @RonBurgundy from #Anchorman2!

Here's a behind the scenes look at this scene! #StarTrekTweetAlong

Scotty comes to the rescue in this scene! Are you watching the #StarTrekTweetAlong?

Uhura fights oncoming attack from the Klingons in this scene, also featured on her poster. #StarTrekTweetAlong

Acting captain Sulu gets ready to unleash in this scene!

Spock prevents a volcano from causing the extinction of life on Nibiru, featured in this poster. #StarTrekTweetAlong