ParamountPics: RT @GuiltTripMovie: “Seth Rogen & Barbra Streisand are on top of their comedic games.” -MarieClaire. Catch them in The Guilt Trip to ...

ParamountPics: RT @JackReacher: JACK REACHER “Delivers the goods.” -Hollywood Reporter. Here's a clip to get you ready for the action:

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ParamountPics: “The music may fade, but what’s behind it never does.” -@AP. NOT FADE AWAY is in select theaters now!

ParamountPics: RT @Agurkisk8: Cirque du soleil is the most amazing movie ever. It will blow your mind.

ParamountPics: RT @Loganberrywade: The Cirque movie was beautiful. It did justice to the live shows. Totally recommend

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ParamountPics: RT @holmes_kaitlin: @TomCruise Just saw Jack Reacher with the fam, so good! Was a great way to end Christmas!

ParamountPics: RT @Dr_Carrie: @JackReacher best action movie of the year! Smart, witty, great action scenes and realistic car chases!

ParamountPics: RT @dhiggins06: @JackReacher is a must see. Brutally realistic fight scenes and great dialogue. Toughest action movie in a while #bringo ...