Star Trek: First Contact
Runtime: 1:51


Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Next Generation crew engage in their most thrilling adventure yet. They call themselves the Borg - a half organic, half-machine collective with a sole purpose: to conquer and assimilate all races. Led by their seductive and sadistic queen (Alice Krige), the Borg are headed to Earth with a devious plan to alter history. Picard's last encounter with the Borg almost killed him. Now he wants vengeance.

Cast + Crew

  • LeVar Burton
  • Geordi La Forge
  • Michael Dorn
  • Gates McFadden
  • Marina Sirtis
  • Alfre Woodard
  • Michael Horton
  • James Cromwell
  • Brent Spiner
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Jonathan Frakes Director