ParamountPics: RT @jordalord: "Therapy is awesome. It's like working through your issues with a really expensive friend who is constantly judging you." ...

ParamountPics: RT @ENews: EAST COAST! Tune in NOW to an all new episode of @BurningLoveOnE! Will Mark be wooed by bull riding and stand up acts?? #Burn ...

ParamountPics: RT @burninglovemark: Bill Tundle is my boy. #burninglove Bros for life!

ParamountPics: RT @lizzieryder: @burninglovemark I can't get over how great this show is. I laugh every 5 seconds.

ParamountPics: RT @alawaimitch: @burninglovemark: This date with Haley was a blast!! How did she get around with no bottoms on?

ParamountPics: RT @burninglovemark: I'm opened to any questions from my fans! No algebra ones please!!

ParamountPics: RT @burninglovemark: Live tweeting and it's already overwhelming!

ParamountPics: RT @burninglovemark: New #burninglove tonight on E! will be live tweeted by me! I'm taking this really seriously.

ParamountPics: RT @BurningLoveOnE: Hey, East Coasters! For some extra burn, don't forget to tune into @BurningLoveMark's live tweets during tonight's s ...

ParamountPics: RT @BurningLoveOnE: You know what today is... #MockBlock Monday on E! Get your burn on with #BurningLove at 10/9c


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