ParamountPics: RT @MSNMovies: EXCLUSIVE: #GIJoe Retaliation! #TheRock and #BruceWillis together in this action flick.

ParamountPics: RT @burninglovemark: This was a really special night of live tweeting. I'm sure we all learned a lot from tonight! See you back next week!!

ParamountPics: RT @burninglovemark: Hated to see Mandy go. She was a delight. But I think it was all for the best. And I'm wearing new jammie bottoms n ...

ParamountPics: RT @burninglovemark: KIP! I didn't know who he was then and I still don't but we had a good time. #burninglove

ParamountPics: RT @kizzmit_: @burninglovemark is just what we need.. so refreshing & hilarious! #BenStiller #Silly #Genius PLUS the amazing @IMKris ...

ParamountPics: RT @DJMaryRoe: @burninglovemark Now that's a party, or like Tamara said, #RomanceSoup , #YUM

ParamountPics: RT @Bates81: #burninglove best show ever invented! I have laughed through the entire show , that never happens. #comicgenius @michaelian ...

ParamountPics: RT @burninglovemark: @DJMaryRoe You're too sweet. I wish I could bubble bathe with you all. #burninglove

ParamountPics: RT @burninglovemark: Tamara really did nail that comedy date. No one can tell me she didn't. #burninglove

ParamountPics: RT @LexLaBo: Oh god winner gets a hose and a bubble bath date with @burninglovemark #LetTheGamesBegin #BurningLove


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