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News and Social Media

ParamountPics: Will Zak get to hold Julie's box at the end of their All American date?! Find out in a new episode of #BurningLove:

ParamountPics: RT @ClaudiaDroz: @ParamountPics I really reccommend the tour to everyone!! Stunning lot, historically rich tour, great personal stories. ...

Experience Hollywood history & see more in the making with an intimate Paramount Pictures studio tour!

ParamountPics: Experience Paramount Pictures first hand with a studio tour!

ParamountPics: RT @jonmchu: . @WWE and @ParamountPics team up to promote #GIJoeRetaliation !! YES! I feel like I had a dream about this when I was a ki ...

ParamountPics: RT @GIJoeMovie: Who's your real hero? Submit their pic on Instagram with #GIJoeRealHero!

Who's your real hero? Pay tribute to them by sharing their photo on Instagram with #GIJoeRealHero!

ParamountPics: Party with Robby Z in the new season of #BurningLove! New episodes every Thursday & Friday!

ParamountPics: RT @ParamountDVDs: Cirque du Soleil & @JimCameron invite you on a spectacular movie adventure! Own Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away 3/1 ...

ParamountPics: RT @fakeempireteam: Big news! @FunSizeMovie is out on Blu-ray and DVD today, AND it's @VictoriaJustice's birthday! Happy birthday, VJ! # ...