Here's a message from Victoria Justice, the star of this fall's adventure-comedy

August 12th, 1927 - WINGS, a silent movie about World War I fighter pilots, premiered at the Criterion Theatre in New York. It went on to win the FIRST Best Picture Oscar in HISTORY!

1926 - Lasky supervised the construction of a new Hollywood studio on a 26-acre lot. Located on Marathon Street, the original buildings contained four large sound stages and cost $1 million.

June 28th, 1916 - The Jesse L. Lasky Company & Adolf Zuker's Famous Players merged to become "Paramount Pictures".

The film vault at Paramount Pictures holds original copies of some of the greatest cinematic works of all time!


Titanic is out on Blu-Ray for the first time ever TODAY! See the film like you've never seen it before!

It's not too late to catch Indiana Jones in IMAX!

It's not too late to catch Indiana Jones in IMAX!

Where were you when you first saw "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark"?